Are you ready to explore Hong Kong with us?

Hello, We are Jessica Louise, Richy and Mike and we offer customized private tours of Hong Kong.


Together we have over 65 years of Hong Kong experience. Discover Hong Kong with us and become immersed in the culture and history of this wondrous city that is our home.


We are professional private tour guides offering a personailsed tour experience. That means that we will specifically design your tour for you, based around your interests and how much time you have in Hong Kong.


We take our job seriously and we strive for excellence in everything that we do. We are a fully licensed Hong Kong tour company. We are active members of the Hong Kong Association of Travel Agents and the Hong Kong Travel Industry Council. We pride ourselves on only delivering first class tours and if you are not happy with our services we will give you your money back! And no, that has never happened before! 🙂

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Jessica, your Hong Kong personal tour guide

Hong Kong's best private tour guide Rich.  He always wears a flowery shirt so you won't  loose him!

Book a private tour in Hong Kong with Donald and discover Hong Kong's hidden secrets!

Become immersed in the culture and history of this wondrous city that is our home

Our private customised tours

Our personalized private tours are ideal for people who would like a detailed overview of Hong Kong prior to exploring further on their own and also for people who would like to make the most of a limited amount of time in Hong Kong.


We regularly deliver tours for all kinds of groups including:



Business travelers

Cruise ship passengers

People on airport layovers


We offer half day, full day and evening private tours, 7 days per week.

What you get

✔ A friendly, approachable, personal private tour guide who genuinely loves their guiding job. We are all passionate about sharing our knowledge of Hong Kong.

✔ A fully immersive cultural experience during which you will travel around Hong Kong on foot and using public transport. Your tour is flexible and will be paced to your speed and requirements.

✔ An informative and FUN tour.

✔Easy to follow day plans for visiting other Hong Kong markets and points of interest in your own time after your tour with us. These are entirely free of charge.

    If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you can get an idea about what you might see and do on our private Hong Kong tours.

Get to know us

Book a private tour in Hong Kong with Donald and discover Hong Kong's hidden secrets! Hi I’m Donald, I grew up in Melbourne Australia. My father immigrated to Australia at the end of WW2 and met and married my mother who came off a dairy farm. As children we learnt about hard work, making it on your own and the importance of family and good friends. My family background tweaked my interest in history and travel, to see the places where my father grew up, the windmill that they used to run and to learn about his twin sister working for the resistance! Then I met Mini, my wife and mother to our 2 boys. Mini is from Kerala in India and so our life has been one of travel and adventure in all directions!

I have had a varied career always searching for the next opportunity. I completed an Arts Degree majoring in Linguistics and French followed by a Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance. In between the Arts Degree and the Banking Degree I married Mini and her dad was pretty keen for me to embark on work that ‘looked more like a career’ so I delved into Banking and had a great time working for some regional banks and then a start up Finance Company.

Done with that challenge I joined my brother who was running our old family business manufacturing and retailing horse feed for the racehorse industry. This was an unexpected departure from banking but I loved the work environment and I loved spending time with my brother. Working with people and their horses and pets was a wonderful experience –they are always happy as long as their animal is happy!

The move to Hong Kong was my wife’s doing, she was offered a relocation with her job and we both thought that it sounded like a great adventure. Hong Kong immediately got under our skin and we just love the place, the people, the cultural diversity and the energy. We will talk about dragons during our tour; I am convinced that it is their majestic presence that gives Hong Kong a special energy! I am so keen for you to appreciate the ‘real’ Hong Kong and experience the temples and the food. I will show you how people spend money and make money. All of these aspects make up the fabric of Hong Kong.

On my days off I especially enjoy hiking in the hills in the New Territories and visiting some of the quiet  beaches of Sai Kung and Lantau. My son and I also love venturing out to Kau Sai Chau island for some golf on Hong Kong’s public golf course and sometimes ten pin bowling in Causeway Bay. I am also on the Building Committee for The Helena May which is a beautiful colonial building set up on Garden Road. The best thing about any and all activity here is that it always ends with great food in unexpected places.

I am so looking forward to sharing my experiences of Hong Kong with you!



Jessica, your Hong Kong personal tour guide

Hi, I’m Jessica Louise from Australia. I grew up on the coast just north of Sydney, but most recently called Cairns in Far North Queensland home before moving to Hong Kong with my husband.

At university I studied history and geography to become a High School Teacher. It was here that I discovered a love of travel and as part of my course studied Spanish in Ecuador, along with a few months backpacking and volunteering in Central and South America.

I returned to Australia to start my teaching career but quickly realised my travel bug was too strong, and since 2008 have been working in the tourism industry! I switched to life on the road as a Tour Manager with guiding multi day tours up and down the East Coast of Australia and hiking in the outback of the Northern Territory.  One of my most challenging but enjoyable working experiences came from leading 25 day trips in South East Asia, trekking around Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Prior to leaving Australia I worked with a small tourism business in Cairns developing private tours in the Far North, and with the Queensland Government developing tourism initiatives in one of the worlds most pristine rainforest World Heritage Areas.

My husband’s work as a pilot with Cathay Pacific brought us to Hong Kong. As you can imagine his career and our love of travelling work very well together and when he’s not working, we love to head off around Asia to explore, eat and scuba dive.

We live in Sai Ying Pun in the Western District of Hong Kong Island. It is a great colourful neighbourhood with a mix of old Chinatown and up and coming trendy cafés and bars. It is also close to the action of Central and Wan Chai so I spend a lot of time out with friends trying the latest restaurants and cocktail bars.

My passion for history, Asian culture and all things food made a perfect combination for working as a private tour guide.  I hope you will love the vibrant, cosmopolitan and fast paced city as much as I do, and I look forward to showing you the melting pot of culture and cuisine (as well as a few hidden secrets) in Hong Kong!


your private tour guide Rich, stood outside the IFC in Central.

Hi, I am Rich. I am originally from India and I have spent the past twenty something years living and working in Hong Kong. I am very proud to call Hong Kong my home. It is the city where I choose to bring up my wonderful family and the city that I can not imagine ever leaving.

I live in Lantau Island amidst hills and by the beach. Every morning I am woken by the melody of birds chirping and the branches of the trees brushing against my windows. It’s not the image of Hong Kong that most people imagine, but it is a Hong Kong that exists. Did you know that 40% of Hong Kong’s land is designated country parks? And that only about 25% of the land is developed and built on? I am one of the relatively few that has chosen to set up home outside of the city and townships. I enjoy the outdoors and love hiking. Cooking in one of my passions and gives me great pleasure. I believe that gardening is therapeutic and have a small herb garden. Of course Hong Kong is geographically small so it doesn’t take me long to travel into the hustle and bustle of the city and re-immerse myself into the hectic day-to-day life.

I‘ve seen Hong Kong grow to the amazing city that it is. After the handover of Hong Kong back to China, Hong Kong progressed further. Most importantly I noticed how Hong Kong people’s attitudes change to become very international. Hong Kongers, as we call them, are exceptionally warm and friendly. I might be biased but I believe that Hong Kong is the best place to live, work and raise a family. Like every city, it comes with its challenges, but if you are adaptive, you will succeed. I pride myself on keeping a positive mental attitude in all adversity and so far I have not failed to make the most of every challenge and opportunity that this city has thrown at me.

Hong Kong is beautiful and has an extremely rich, cultural heritage. Besides it also has the weird and obscure that can make you cringe and wince and that adds to the excitement of being immersed in the city. I have done fairly extensive research into Chinese dry foods and traditional Chinese medicine. It is a topic that I find truly fascinating. I have noticed that although the various tourist sites in Hong Kong are spectacular, it is this topic that most of my guests are also extremely intrigued by and interested in. Bringing the abstract to life is my forte.

To give you a little more background on myself I passed a Diploma in International Travel and Tourism Management way back in 1984. I started my career working in hotels, generally on the nightshift. At the same time I was able to complete my graduation, majoring in Arts, Psychology and Sociology as well as Computer Programming.

In 1992 I came to Hong Kong in search of a job as a programmer. During that period several computer languages were becoming obsolete with the invention of newer and more powerful ones, hence my training was not as current as it could have been. Since Hong Kong is a financial center I decide to change the course of my career.

For over two decades, I have been employed with different financial organizations and have passed several exams in Insurance and Financial Services both in the US and Hong Kong. I am currently a registered Financial Advisor in Hong Kong and I have a few select clients who I work with. I consider myself very fortunate to have enough time to dedicate to my tour guiding profession, which has become my main passion.

Over that same period of time I brought up my family. I have two daughters. The elder is studying in Parson New School of Design in New York and is an intern at the UN. My younger daughter is doing her final year in the English School’s Foundation in Hong Kong and will go to Rhode Island next year to study.

For me, tour guiding is probably the best profession in the world. I take my job very seriously and since I stated guiding I got myself Emergency First Aid certified. Furthermore I continuously research and update myself on numerous topics of interest across a wide range of subjects.

I like to say that when I lead a tour I am delivering the best show on earth. That’s what I aim for anyway. I want to give each and every one of my guests a perfect day and I ensure that everyone who takes a tour with me will return back to their homes with an absolutely fantastic memory of Hong Kong.

So here I am. A big, massive welcome to the city that I love!

Hong Kong is full of surprises

It is not just a city of sky scrappers. It is a city full of natural beauty and peaceful fishing villages. Explore Lantau with us.


We will show you every facet of life in Hong Kong...

not sure what to see in hong kong? Let us show you the bright lights!

…from the city lights…

explore hong kong city life on a private land tour of hong kong

…and housing estates…

new 11_Snapseed

…to the markets…

a lot of people ask us what to see in Hong Kong on their tour,  this is Hullett house dating form 1884.

…and historical buildings…

if you are not sure what to see in Hong Kong let us show you the amazing temple of Wong Tai Sin


a common question we get is what to see in hong kong on a private tour; the answer every! Including hidden parks.

…and hidden parks where local men meet to Chinese chess.

let your hong kong private guide show you how to travel around on the MTR

We’ll have you travelling around on every form of public transport, from the MTR (subway)…

take a ride on hong kong's ding ding on your land tour of hong kong

…to the ding ding (tram)…

if you are wondering what to see in hong kong there are too many things to mention. But top of the list should be a ride on the star ferry.

…and ferry.

explore the business district of hong kong on your land tour.

Our private tours are the perfect choice for couples…

explore the local wet markets on a walking tour of hong kong

…solo travellers…

our private tours of hong kong are perfect for small groups.


…small groups…

join a walking tour and explore Statue Square Park in Central

…business groups…

De Pauls university take a hong kong private tour as part of their course education

…university groups (these guys use us every year for as part of their overseas education trip)…

learn how to navigate hong kong ion the MTR on your walking tour of the city.

…girls holidays…

take a tour of the markets in hong kong with your hong kong private guide

…boys holidays…

take a family tour whilst in Hong Kong. Let our private guide show you the best that hong kong has to offer


filming in hong kong? Want to know what to see in hong kong to make your TV show  stand out? Take a private tour with us and we will take you to the most local areas.

…even TV producers!

we know how to keep the kids entertained on your family tour of Hong Kong!

We’ll keep the kids entertained. We’ll show them how to get their fortunes told…

take a walking tour of hong kong with us and get your fortune told at the Wong Tai Sin temple!

…(actually that’s not just for kids)…

taking a rest on a walking tour of hong kong with our private guide Jessica. Don't worry, no one gets tired on our private tours!

…we’ll make sure they get enough rest breaks…

We can keep the kids entertained on a family tour of hong kong. Even if it means showing them something dead!

…we’ll even show them something gross if they want!

enjoy some fresh dim sum on your hong kong walking tour. better than that, meet the locals too!

Take one of our private tours and we will introduce you to the locals…

take a walking tour of Lantau and we will introduce you to the local wildlife!

…including the local wildlife!

try Hong Kong's milk tea on your land tour of Hong Kong.

We will keep you well hydrated.. on local specialty drinks…

try a famous hong kong egg tart or 'dan tat' as part of your walking tour  of hong  kong.

…and well fed.. (these Hong Kong egg tarts are delicious)…

explore the local culinary delights on your walking tour of hong kong.  These noodles are delicious.

…we’ll introduce you to our favourite chefs…

meet our favourite chefs on your walking tour of hong kong, we will get you into the kitchens!

…we’ll even take you into the kitchens!

Enjoy some shopping for pearls on your private tour of hong kong. We know just who has the best prices!

We can show you the best places to shop, for everything from pearls…

shop for antiques during your private walking tour of hong kong. This is Penny and she bought these two lovely wooden statues during her tour.

…to antiques…

Its not just about what to see in hong kong, its about what to buy in hong kong! Shop for trinkets at the cat street market!

…to trinkets and knick knacks…

visit the jumbo floating restaurant when on your land tour of hong kong. Enjoy a dim sum lunch or just call in for a drink in the bar.

We can take you to the floating restaurants (this one was in Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon)…

The wonderful view from Victoria Peak as seen on  one of our private tours of Hong Kong. Only a private guide can show you where the very best viewing point is!

…to the very best view point on the peak (no its not where you think it is)…

explore local neighbourhoods and get off the beaten track on your hong kong walking tour. Fun for all of the family!

…to explore back streets and alleys…

exploring Tai O fishing Village on a private tour of Lantau. This is where they make shrimp paste.

…and out of the city into local villages where they make traditional shrimp paste.

if you re wondering what to see in hong kong when you cant walk very far, fear not! We will make sure you have a great day out!

If you cant walk very far…don’t worry, we’ll still make sure you have a great day out and see lots.

taking a rest break at a local bar whilst we decided what else to see in hong kong

If you need a pit stop that wont be a problem…

trying snake shots at the She Wong Sin snake restaurant  on a private tour of hong kong.

…and if you want to try a shot of something a little more ‘exotic’ we have that covered to…

having fun on the peak tram which goes from Victoria peak to central. This is one of the many many things that can be included in your land tour of hong kong.

…you’ll have lots of fun with us…

we might bring out the romantic in you if you decided to take a private tour of hong kong with us! We took this at Wong Tai Sin temple with Yau Lau, the Chinese god of love and marriage.

…we might even bring out the romantic in you!

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